About the Freese Fund

"The Freese Grant Advisory Board annually recommends projects to be funded through grant money. The city receives the grant funding from the Egbert M. Freese Foundation, and it must be used for Galion parks and recreation projects, or projects that fit the intent of Mr. Freese's will. City Council then gives final approval for projects." The City of Galion clearly isn't using this money the way it was intended. Our beloved city has several parks in disrepair

Stand Up!

Stand up and let the City of Galion mayor know that you've had enough of unsafe parks and bullies in our parks!

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Let Mayor O'Sleazy know you've had enough!

For far too long our city's parks have been neglected.  Stand up and let Mayor O'Leary know that you're tired of it, and demand that our parks be safe and clean for our kids!
  1.  Homeless living in our parks harassing citizens
  2.  Playground equipment not being fixed or vandalized
  3.  Teenagers hanging around, destroying equipment, being rude/disrespectful to parents, and bullying your young children
  4.  Dirty and unstocked restrooms
  5.  Water not being supplied for thirsty kids to drink
  6.  Not many sanitizing stations, are these even being stocked?
Amann's Reservoir restrooms not open on Labor Day weekend, drinking fountains not working.
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