1. How many clients can I have connected at one time?
Crawford County Infoscan (CCI) permits 1 concurrent connections per IP address at any given time

2. How much delay is there from when something is actually said to when I hear it over the stream?
Our stream must travel from Galion, Ohio to Pomona, New Jersey then back to you. Normal delays will be anywhere from 2-10 seconds.

3. Why don't you have an online media player for the stream?
Our stream works in nearly every media player out there, making an online media player unneeded. Plus, online media players are more likely to give users problems.

4. How long does it take for archives to be posted?
Our archives are split up into 15 minute sections. The archives run every quarter hour. Therefore, if something happened at 11:23 in the morning, the archive of it will appear at 11:30am and be available for immediate download.

5. When I try to connect to your stream with my media player, it asks me for a username and password.
This is most likely caused by an invalid token being used to connect. Please return to the "Listen Live" link on our site and open the stream again by clicking on the link there or using our online player. Also, make sure that your media player and your internet browser (ie: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safria, or Chrome) are using the same connection (no proxies).

6. I hear a lot of static or humming when listening to the stream when there is no activity.
There will always be slight background noise in our stream and archives. If you actually hear it though you probably have your volume turned up too high. Try turning down your volume until you can't really hear the noise anymore. You should still be able to hear people talking clearly when there is activity.

7. What media players can I use to listen to the stream?
Any media player that supports HTTP audio streams should be able to play our stream. We personally recommend users use the VLC Media Player.</a> However, Windows Media Player should also work among  others. If you have problems please try using VLC.

8. Why must I login to listen to your stream or access the archives?
We like to know how many people are using our services. To better track this, we require users to have an account and login to that account to access our stream and archives.

9. How far back do your archives go?
Our archives will go all the way back to the day the archives where launched.

10. Why are some archive files missing from the archives?
Sometimes the archive recordings fail which results in that span of time to be unavailable for download. Unfortunately, if the file does not show on the archives page it means we do not have it. Luckily the archives work just fine over 99% of the time.

11. Is it legal to listen to your stream?
Of course it is. However, use of our service to avoid being caught while committing a crime is illegal and will result in you being banned from using this service.

12. Sometimes I can't hear or make out what people are saying.
This is not our issue or anything you are doing wrong. Sometimes there is a lot of static in the scanner activity. This is normally due to weak signals. Most signals come in strong though and should have no static and be very easy to understand.

13. My media player says its connected, but I don't hear anything.
You should only hear stuff when there is actually activity. Give it a few minutes, you should hear something eventually. If your media player shows as being connected then you are.

14. How do I listen to your stream on my iPhone, Blackberry, or other handheld device?
On the listen live page select the option to listen live with mobile device. We have confirmed support for the Blackberry, iPhone, and iPad.

15. How much bandwidth is consumed listening to the stream?
This mostly only concerns mobile users who have limited data plans. Below is a table showing you how much bandwidth will be used by your device when connected.

16. Why is are there sponsors listed on the site?
Crawford County Infoscan (CCI can be costly each month to run. By allowing local companies to sponsor the service, they help keep the service alive and running.

17. How does my company sponsor this service?
If your company would like to sponsor Crawford County Infoscan (CCI) simply send us an email to let us know. We will stop by your company to pick up a logo or business card to add to the site as well as a check or money order.

18. If I decide to sponsor the service, what is my companies money used for?
ALL money collected is used for monthly server costs, equipment upgrades, and any other costs that are needed to keep the service in good running order. The idea is to get your company extra traffic by being listed on the Scan Crawford County Infoscan (CCI) website and to keep our services affordable to our users.

19. Will the stream work through a bluetooth enabled device such as my car radio or any other bluetooth speakers?
Yes, providing your cell phone has bluetooth capabilities.

20. Connection issues with your web browser?
Any connection issues should be resolved simply by closer your web browser and reopening it.



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Special thanks go out to Scan Whitley Online for the help needed to make their site and ours possible.

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Crawford County Infoscan provides live streaming of emergency communications. This includes local police, fire, ems, and Sheriff communications over both analog and digital technologies. This service is provided by Ginret LLC which is based locally in Galion, Ohio.

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